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The Commander


Lieutenant General Hildo Vieira PRADO Filho 


Summarized Curriculum


General Prado was promoted to Lieutenant General on March 13th, 2017, when he held the position of Chief of the Technological Center of the Brazilian Army, "Technological Center General Argus", in Rio de Janeiro.

He graduated as a Cavalry Officer at the Military Academy of Agulhas Negras (AMAN) in 1982 and joined the Military Engineers Branch after completing his bachelor's degree in Mechanical and Weapons Engineering at IME in 1990.

He has the following courses, among others: Strategic Management of Information, Masters in Systems Engineering and Computing, at the Military Institute of Engineering (IME); Management for Military Engineers, Politics Strategy and Senior Administration of the Army, Masters in Military Sciences, at the Brazilian Army Command and General Staff College; Senior Studies of Politics and Strategy and Superior of Defense, at the Superior School of War and Masters in Business Administration, at Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

As a Military Engineer, he served in Rio War Arsenal; in the IMBEL Communications and Electronics Materiel Factory; in the Technological Center of the Army (CTEx); and in the former Marambaia Army Field Test Center, which was the basis for the current CAEx. He also was an Instructor at the Army Command and General Staff College and Director of the General Câmara Arsenal.

As a General Officer, besides having commanded CTEx, he held the position of Head of the Army Integrated Center for Telematics (CITEx) in Brasília-DF and was a student at Escola Superior de Guerra (ESG) in Rio de Janeiro- RJ.

Among the decorations he has, the following ones can be highlighted: Order of Military Merit Officer Degree, Order of Naval Merit, Order of Judiciary Military Merit, Gold Military Medal, Peacemaker Medal, Merit Tamandaré Medal, Victory Medal, Legion of Merit of the Military Engineers. He also holds Golden Command Badge.

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