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Student Corps

Brazilian Officers formation is a paramount subject as they guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of the actions developed by the Ground Self-Defense Force.
In order to fulfill the task of qualifying Army Officers, the Military Institute of Engineering (IME) has a Student Corps (CA), made up of officers trained by the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (AMAN).
One of relevant CA's mission is to provide military training for the students, therefore building a military identity.


IME’s student body is divided into: Military Students, Reserve Military Students and CFOR (Training Course for Reserve Officers).
After a five-year course training the following skills are developed:

1. Brazilian Military Regulations and Military Instruction;
2. Combat and Service in Campaign;
3. Military Physical Training;
4. Brazilian Military History;
5. Military Leadership;
6. Military Intelligence;
8. Military Administration;
9. Basic Concepts of National Defence Career.

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