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Subdivision of Undergraduation Courses (SD/2)


Undergraduate programs office (SD/2) is part of the Academic and Research Division and its role comprises planning, coordinating and controlling academic activities related to the Undergraduate Courses (CG), Undergraduate and military graduation courses (CFG) and military graduation courses (C Frm), as well as supervise the curricular internship activities. The annual planning of education is defined in the previous year and consolidated in the General Plan of Education and Research (PGEP), whose elaboration is the responsibility of the Office.

To carry out its missions, SD / 2 connects directly to the Teaching Sections and, together with them, carries out the necessary follow-up and adjustments to the General Teaching and Research Plan.

IME offers regularly offers the following engineering courses:

- Civil engineering;
- Electrical engineering;
- Electronic Engineering;
- Communications Engineering;
- Materials Engineering;
- Mechanical and Weapon Engineering;
- Mechanical and Automotive Engineering;
- Chemical Engineering;
- Cartographic Engineering;
- Computer Engineering; 



CG, CFG and C Frm run over a two-term annual academic calendar. CFG, with a duration of 5 years (2 years in the Basic Cycle and 3 years in the Professional Cycle), is intended for Brazilians who have successfully completed High School and have as an objective the training of the officers and the graduation of military engineers and the Reserve for the Brazilian Army. On the other hand, the CG, which lasts 4 years (1 year in the Basic Cycle and 3 years in the Professional Cycle), went on to graduate in engineering degrees that were trained at the Military Academy of Agulhas Negras (AMAN) . Lastly, the C Frm, which lasts 1 academic year, provides military instruction and technical-professional adaptation to engineers already graduated in Engineering by a legally recognized Higher Education Institution, enabling them to become officers and to join the Military Engineers Board of the Brazilian army.

During the Basic Cycle, the student is encouraged to develop his / her skills in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computation, through a deep theoretical study of these subjects, associated with the achievement of activities in laboratories and complementary works.

The curricula of the training and / or undergraduate courses are constituted by a set of disciplines that integrate in depth scientific knowledge in an interdisciplinary and systemic vision. Each discipline has a predefined program and a workload required for its development.

It is worth highlighting a significant feature of the IME, which is the execution of Supervised Curricular Internships in companies (public or private) or in Military Organizations, for the students of the 4th Year of the CFG and CG, with minimum working hours of 160 hours, as prescribed in the National Curricular Guidelines for Engineering Engineering Courses of the National Education Council. Special works should also be emphasized, such as Engineering In- troduction, Initiation to Research and End-of-Course Design. All these jobs and internships are supervised and / or supervised by teachers who function as a link between graduate and postgraduate studies. Parallel to these activities, the 5th Year concluders, along with post-graduate students, participate in Operation Ricardo Franco, in which they develop face-to-face work with civil and military communities in the Amazon, aiming to solve problems that afflict their routine.



Phone number: +55 21 2546-7119
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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