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Course Description

Welcome to the Computer Science and Computer Systems Graduate Program portal, (PPgSC), offered by the Computer Engineering Department, Military Engineering Institute (IME).


The Military Engineering Institute (IME) is an higher education academic institution of the Brazilian Army. IME is heir to the Royal Academy of Artillery, Fortification and Design, created in 1792 and considered the first engineering school in the Americas and the third in the world. offers undergraduate and graduate level courses in Engineering and is a center of excellence and national and international reference in Engineering teaching.

First graduate level activities in computer Science were set 1972 along with the creation of the Master's Program in Systems Engineering, focusing on Operational Research and Applied Mathematics. In 1973, driven by technological and market evolution, the course was led to create a new front, this time focused specifically on the area of ​​Informatics. This Program was the seed of the current Graduate Program in Computer Science and Computer Systems of the Computer Engineering Deparment (SE / 8) of the IME, created in 1986.

The objectives of the Program are to prepare qualified professionals, with scientific and technological knowledge, capable of conducting projects of research and development of new technologies in the area of ​​Computer Engineering, and contribute to the improvement of teaching, research, development and innovation in this area to meet the demands of Brazilian society. The Program accepts both civilian and military candidates (from the Brazilian Armed Forces and from Friendly Nations).

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