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Course Description

The Graduate Program in Cartographic Engineering is part of the Exact and Earth Sciences area of knowledge, in the area of Geosciences, sub area Geodesy. The Program is related to Cartography Sciences, Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

The Program offers in-person interaction with instructors and classmates.
The certificate provided by the program has Brazilian territory validity and is recognized by all Brazilian public institutions. The certificate assessment is carried out at IME and its entire legal processes.

The first research work in Automated Cartography, within the scope of the Military Engineering Institute, began in the early 1980s. They consisted in the elaboration of two Undergraduate final course assignment, entitled "Cartographic Label Placement Analysis" and "Anaglyph Generation through Surface Contour Maps Software".

The Master's Program in Cartographic Sciences began in 1983 when a student enrolled in the Operational Research Course, and the first master's thesis in the area was developed. The following year two more students enrolled in the program, one in Operational Research and another in Computer Science.

In 1985, the Automated Cartography Line of Research was  bounded to the Graduation Course in Informatics. In January 1987, Cartography became Operations Research and Transportation, when the inclusion of a greater number of specific disciplines, coordinated and taught by professionals in the area of Cartographic Engineering, the Master's Program in Cartography underwent significant changes only in 1994 when all academic and administrative duties became the responsibility of the Cartographic Engineering Teaching Section.

In May 1996, the first steps towards the Master's Program in Cartographic Sciences emancipation were taken, which became known as the Master's Degree in Cartographic Engineering. Finally, the Program is made official by Decree No. 055, 1998.

Master's Degree in Cartographic Engineering

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