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Foreign Civilians


Foreign civilians.



Enrollments can be done in 3 (three) term.



1st TERM

2nd TERM

3rd TERM


Oct 2nd to Nov 11th, 2017

March 19th to 30th, 2018

Jun 26th to July 6th, 2018

List of students that can take part in the admission proccess

 List of Registered Candidates 

Candidates 2018.2

Candidates 2018.3

List of Candidates in Process


           Apr 6th, 2018 

           Jul 13th, 2018 


Dec 8th, 2017

Apr 24th, 2018

Aug 9th, 2018

Report at IME on

Feb 2nd, 2018

May 21th, 2018

Sep 9th, 2018

Medical Exam(s)

Jan 29th to Feb 1st, 2018

May 7th to 11th, 2018

Sep 3rd to 6th, 2018

Beginning of the Term

Feb 5th, 2018

May 21th, 2018

Aug 9th, 2018

Enrollment in Subjects

Jan 29th to Feb 2nd, 2018

May 14th to 18th, 2018

Aug 27th to 31st, 2018

Portuguese Language Exam

Mar 13th, 2018

Jun 19th, 2018

Oct 9th, 2018

English Languagem Exam

Mar 14th, 2018

Jun 20th, 2018

Oct 10th, 2018

End of Term

May 12th, 2018.

Aug 25th, 2018

Dec 8th, 2018



  • Master's - to have an undergraduate degree or to be enrolled in the last term (semester) of an undergraduate program, recognized by federal law.
  • Doctorate - to have a graduate degree or to be at the end of a Master's program, according to federal law.



1 - List of documents – The first two lines should be completed by civilians and retired military personnel.

Click here to download the list of documents to registration, admissions and enrollment


2 - Forms: registration form, universitary concept form and research/study proposal (ODT format be it BrOffice/LibreOffice formats), PDF and DOC (MS Office)).

Click here to download the forms



Data required to fill in the GRU form:

Unidade Gestora (UG):



00001 – (Instituto Militar de Engenharia)

Código de Recolhimento:

226890 (Exército-Fundo-Concurso IME)

Número de Referência:

Candidate's CPF


Mês e Ano do pagamento


Data do pagamento

CNPJ ou CPF do Contribuinte:

Candidate's CPF

Nome do Contribuinte/Recolhedor:

Candidate's name

Valor Principal:

R$ 60,00

Valor Total:

R$ 60,00


Click here to access the GRU form



Submit documents electronically to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Digitalized documents should be in PDF format  readable (200 dpi tip). Special attention should be paid to universitary concept forms. They must be filled in by the person refering the student besides being signed by him or her and digitalized.  The person referring the candidate to the program should use his or her professional e-mail to forward the forms to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. The Admissions process consists of  curricular analysis and medical examination. The curricular analysis comprises the evaluation of all the documents required at the time of registration by a Selection Committee, responsible for the admissions. Some programs carry out supplementary procedures. 

2. Only those candidates who present all the documents required by this standard will be forwarded for analysis of the respective graduate programs. After the enrollment closes the candidates with pending will have 7 days to join the missing documents under penalty of exclusion of the selection process..



  • The selected candidate must fulfill the activities planned in the calendar.
  • To carry out the enrollment in the program, the selected candidate must present the required documentation (copy of all documents).
  • List of Medical Exams to be presented (Portaria 15-SCT) – Click here



1 - There will be no refund of the registration fee;

2 - After registering, the candidate is subject to the requirements of the admission process; the right to a reimbursement does not apply even if the candidate is not admitted in the program;

3 - Clickhere to access the Evaluation Form used by the Selection Committee in the admission process.



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